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The Sixth National Children's Day Speech to be delivered at the United Nations in New York City on . William Carlos Williams, a . Carbon neutrality is the goal of the entire human population, by achieving a negative balance of the emission and absorption of . The . Malayalam language is an official language of the Indian state of Kerala, Union territories of Lakshadweep and Puducherry, and a. Creative History As early as the 11th century, the book Nambudiri Chintamani (literally "the Flower of Chintamani"), which is regarded as the first Malayalam work on the theory of prosody (roughly, the music of language), was written by the Indian mathematician and astronomer Malik Muhammad Jayasi in the Kerala-based court of the Kakatiya kings (1218–1513). The origins of Kerala's film industry date back to 1896, with the release of a short film called the Nattuvan Oruvan directed by P.K. Pottekkaty and produced by L. Adigal and Company, which is one of the oldest existing Indian films. The first Kollywood film was the Akkaraabuli produced by S.B. Joshi in 1921. A landmark event in Kerala's film history was the foundation of the Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Company in 1946, the first ever private company in India engaged in film production, owned and controlled by the Government of Kerala. This company was dissolved in 1976 and was re-established as Kerala State Chalachitra Academy. It is the oldest and the only film academy in India. The first private studio in Kerala was Pran Jayasree (1946) in Kollam, which, till the mid-1980s, was considered the major studio in Kerala. In 1947, the first private movie theater in India was opened in Thrissur. A private studio was opened in 1960 in Thrissur and it had become a major studio in Kerala by the 1980s. This studio was known as the Kochi Studio and is now known as Kerala Film Society. In 1976, three Kerala studios namely KFS, Apollo, and Pran Jayasree were amalgamated and converted into KVS, the Kerala State Chalachitra Academy. Since the mid-1980s, Kerala has also been home to many sound and music studios. In 1983, the be359ba680

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